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It’s Time To Shatter Your Limiting Beliefs And Take Control Of Your Life With A New Level Of Confidence And Love That Can Only Be From God. 

Do You Know How To Acquire This Unshakable Level Of Confidence And Function At Your Most Optimal Level Of Love? What Does That Mean And What Does That Even Look Like?

Remember what it meant to LOVE YOURSELF? Not that passive type of love, but that unconditional type of love? The love where you were fully immersed into your goals, your desires and feelings like you could take over the world.  Remember that undeniable feeling of knowing that GOD HAD YOU (and still does) and nothing and NO ONE could disrupt that relationship.

But Something Happened….

Are you now in a place where you have not totally accepted and embraced yourself and your past decisions fully? Have some of the things and people that you have allowed in your life made it difficult to completely love all of you? Then it’s TIME TO GET YOUR LOVE BACK.

If You Are Not Saying And Believing The Following:

I am special. I am a gift. I am not the sole reason as to why that situation or relationship didn’t work out/or happen. I made some mistakes, but I’m stronger for them. I am more than good enough. I may not understand why it happened, but my upgrade is here now. I am qualified, I am loveable. I am perfect as God created me. I don’t try to be anything or anyone I’m not. I live to impress me. I am coming into the Queen/King I am destined to be. I will succeed. I am strong enough. I am intelligent enough. I am favored. I am proud of myself. I believe in myself. I trust my own judgement. I will get everything my heart desires. People like me because I like me.

Again if you are not saying these things and BELIEVING them, then it’s time for you to step into the LOVE AND CONFIDENCE CHALLENGE. No longer do you need to live and believe in the lies that have been said and planted in you that are not of God’s word.

While you may have some level of self-love and a bit of confidence, is it truly at its maximum peek to powerfully stand against difficult times and circumstances? If you are not truly functioning at your most OPTIMAL LEVEL that you could, then feelings of being stuck can creep in and depression can occur.

From helping others, I have found that CULTIVATING THE SPIRIT and acceptance of self on a daily basis is what gets you the favor and ultimate life that you truly seek. WHEN YOU INVEST IN yourself and take the time to truly attend to your needs, you grow your level of love towards self and invite the right people and opportunities into your life. You INTENTIONALLY MAKE ROOM for greatness to feel welcomed into your space.

“People are blinded by the messages of self-depreciation, the constant messages of not being good enough and by the business of trying to improve their external environment  that they are not realizing that if they were to really listen and be led by the spirit ….they actually see God every day. When they realize this, they start to operate differently because the mindset and perception has transformed to improve one’s condition.”- Tatiana Jerome

Many believe self-love is a characteristic that you are born with. While the seed of self is there it is either feed with negative or positive images, thoughts and experiences. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE TRAPPED BY LIMITING BELIEFS because of what you ‘use to do,’ decisions you once made and/or hurt that will not go away.

The Love & Confidence Challenge Gives You The Tools To Take Care Of Yourself.  When You Use These Tools, You Can Experience The Benefits Such As:
  • Optimism
  • Happiness
  • Being Accepting
  • Ability To Focus
  • Compassionate
  • Alignment With God
  • Being Able To Receive Love 
  • Being Able To Follow Dreams
  • Fully Operate In Excellence
  • Being Able To Manifest Effortlessly
  • Ready For Better To Come Into Your Life
  • Extreme Explosion Of A Positive Attitude
  • And So Much More...
With The Love And Confidence Challenge You Get:
Quick Glimpse Inside The Challenge
  • Over 30 Videos  - Over 20 Hours of Video Coverage Covering Topics Such As:  How To Let Go Of Bad Habits & Anything Holding You Back, No More Bad Relationships,  Self Love & Care, Living In Your Purpose,  How To Use Your Confidence  & Your Self Love To Elevate You To A Higher Level, How To Regain Your Self Esteem, How To Deal With Others Who Don't Believe In You and more ..... over a $1150 VALUE
  • 25 Love Affirmations - 25 proclamations of love that help elevate your sense of self $29.95 VALUE
  • 25 Confidence Affirmations - 25 declarations of confidence aimed to build up your value of self $29.95 VALUE
  • And So Much More...
These Are Also Included: 
  • Video 1: Moving Forward - How to move forward and release people and bad decisions from the past that have you feeling less than $49.95 VALUE
  • Video 2: Teach Them How To Treat You - Realize how to get the respect from others that you would like towards yourself. How you treat yourself is how others will treat you. $49.95 VALUE
  • Video 3: Getting Your Mojo Back - See how to position yourself to feel joy, love and excitement that you may have surrendered by going after something you want only to realize that it can't work when you leave behind your spirit. $59.95 VALUE
  • Video 4: Letting Go Of Negative Thoughts & Emotions - This video explains how to let go of core thoughts that fuel emotions that hinder your growth and steal your peace. $49.95 VALUE
  • Video 5: No More Nonsense– In this power packed video, you'll learn how to no longer entertain mess or attract those who want to bring that into your life. You will increase your support and love circle which will aid in increasing your love for self and skyrocket the confidence you have for self. $49.95 VALUE
  • Video 6: Steps To Self Confidence - Discover the five steps to building your self confidence which will bring you closer to your goals and welcome in the right people and circumstances in your life. Through building your self confidence, you are able to honor God's creation which is you. $39.95 VALUE
  • Video 7: Believe In Yourself - In this comprehensive video, you'll learn how God value's you, how important belief is and how to increase your belief within yourself. $39.95 VALUE
  • Tatiana's Book List - Find out what Tatiana is reading and what she recommends for inner growth
  • Scripture Supporting  Love & Confidence - In this video Tatiana reads scripture that supports Love as well as Confidence
  • Color Grid To Measure Your Level Of Love For Yourself - Answer questions weekly to measure your progress towards loving yourself back $29.95 VALUE
  • Love & Confidence Mindmap $19.95 VALUE
As A Bonus, You'll Also Get The Three Video Classes Held During Valentine's Day Weekend That Covered:
  • "What It Means To Protect Your Space - No Longer Subconsciously Allowing People To Walk In And Out" $39.95 VALUE
  • "How To Say Yes To You Even If It Means Saying No To Them"  (This One Is Easier Then You'd Think!) $39.95 VALUE
  • "How To Stop Under - Qualifying Yourself & Believing In What God Sees In You" (It's Time To Start Believing) $39.95 VALUE
The total value of this package is over $1200. My peers suggest that I should release this whole package for $1350.00

I'm actually more interested in having a thousand more women join this challenge, so I'm willing to let you get everything today for just one payment of $47. GET IT FOR A LIMITED TIME FOR ONLY...$47

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Try it for 14 DAYS. See if it helps you maximize your ability to love and believe in yourself. I GUARANTEE you'll walk away with enough action steps to get new, heightened levels of love flowing into your life. But if you're unsatisfied for ANY REASON,  I'll give you a full refund. No questions asked. So there's nothing to lose. All I ask is that you give it a try. To start now, click here to begin even if it's 2AM in the morning.

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